Components of

Connect City Heights


Career Mentoring

The crux of the program will consist of a 12-month one-to-one mentoring program. Each student will be connected with a mentor who is a working professional and is involved in a career that the student might be interested in pursuing. For example, a student who aspires to be a physician will be connected with a working professional who is currently in that field. This does not necessarily mean that the student will become a physician because he/she is mentored by a doctor. Rather, this mentorship program will create a platform for the student to learn the necessary steps and personal investment required in order to pursue a career dream.

Personal Development Workshop

Workshops include: Core Clarity (Strengths Finders), Regulating Anger & Anxiety, Resume Building & Mock Interview, Financial Literacy, College 101, College Campus tour, Job Site Tour, Community Activism, Community Assessment & Asset-based Transformation.

We do not want to simply create connections between mentors and mentees, but we want to create opportunities for the student and mentor to learn together. Essentially what we are hoping to do through these personal development workshops is to empower and equip the students with practical skills for the working world, and through it to affirm and help them learn of their leadership skills and potential.


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Capstone Project

The mentee (with their mentor) will develop a project that enhances the livelihood of the community. For example, a police officer (mentor) and student (mentee) will develop a neighborhood watch for the neighborhood.  As stated above, they will initially participate in a community assessment workshop, which will help the student and mentor learn both the needs and strengths of the community. With that, the student will implement a project utilizing the career focus of their mentor. The students who participate in this program are not only recipients and beneficiaries, but also contributing agents as they engage and address the need of their community.