Today’s sermon discussion will be replaced by a time of prayer following the ACTS pattern of prayer.

Read Isaiah 6:1-8

1. Take turns lifting up prayers of Adoration to God according to verses 1-4.
What do these verses tell you about God? His majesty, glory, greatness, holiness, etc…

2. Take turns lifting up prayers of Confession to the Lord. In verse 5, Isaiah confesses his sinfulness in light of God’s holiness. What is your response to seeing God’s glory, holiness, and perfection in light of your imperfection?

3. Take turns lifting up prayers of Thanksgiving to God. In verses 6-7, by means of a sacrifice, God graciously moves towards Isaiah to forgive him. For this salvation, Isaiah is thankful. Take some time to express your gratitude for Jesus’ saving grace and Gospel truths (the promises that are true for you in Christ).

4. Take turns lifting up prayers of supplication to God. In verse 8 and following, Isaiah responds to and obeys the call of God. More than asking God to supply your needs, take this time to pray and let your heart increasingly imagine, dream about, and long for transformation and renewal. Ask God to work in you, through you, and despite you to bring Him glory and to fulfill His mission.