Revival is the intensification of the ordinary operations of the Holy Spirit (conviction of sin, conversion, the giving of assurance, and sanctification -- making us holy).
One of the marks of revival is prayer beyond the ordinary.
Today, let us take some time to pray together.

1. Ask God to bring deep conviction of sin, spiritual brokenness, a holy fear of God and genuine repentance among His people. 

2. Pray that God will bring loving unity in our churches and a deep harmony between our churches. 

3. Pray for God to bestow spiritual hunger in His people and draw them to a deeper love of His Word. 

4. Pray for God to fill His people with a passion to see people saved. 

5. Pray for God to give His people a passion for missions and church planting. 

6. Pray that God will raise up workers for the ministry.

7. Pray that God will pour out his life-giving Spirit to bring healing to our community.