Read Luke 11:5-13

1. What does the parable in verses 5-8 teach about prayer? How do verses 9-10 relate to the parable?

2. What attitude is implied in verses 9-10?

3. How do verses 11-13 clarify the intent of verses 9-10?

4. What have you been diligent about in your prayers lately? Think about it. Be honest.

5. Do you have something in your life you think is so hard that you are not even praying about (someone with cancer, salvation)?

6. Have you stopped praying for something because you got tired? Discouraged? Hopeless?

7. The challenge for you this week is: Would you consider asking God not only for bread but for the Holy Spirit also?

8. Share some of the prayer requests from your God Box. Pray for one another and encourage one another to persist in prayer.