Read John 6:26-51

1. What type of bread are you today: All natural? Rye? Moldy? Crusty? Fresh? Easy to butter up?

2. How does Jesus' response to their question show the difference between his interests and theirs?

3. What does the crowd ask Jesus to do in order that they can believe him? What is their real interest?

4. In our culture, what is the main reason for following Jesus? What was your original motive?

5. Corrie Ten Boom writes, “You may never know that Jesus is all you need, until Jesus is all you have.” Have you ever been in a situation like this? Share with the group. 

6. From verses 27-29, how does Jesus say they are to work for the food that leads to eternal life?


7. What does bread do physically for us that is like what Jesus can do spiritually?


8. How would you describe your daily spiritual diet: Junk food? Frozen food? Baby food? TV microwave food? Left-overs? Meat and potatoes? Pure bread and wine?


9. If someone asked, "How do I hunger and thirst after God?" what counsel could you offer?