The Church as the agent of the Holy Spirit in our communities, plays a key roll in the holistic transformational development in our communities. Jesus and the poor are inseparable. The homeless, beggars, the blind, the lame, the destitute and the hungry flock to him. The New Testament records ten times when Jesus was moved to compassion, and every time was a personal encounter with suffering people.
The county of San Diego ranks 4th in the nation with the number of homeless people in shelters, recovery programs and out in the streets. It is the work of Bridge (The Church) to be the agents of the Holy Spirit for culture change in our society. The time is now and we must answer the call to embrace our ministry to the least of us in San Diego.

How can we, (The Church) have a role in culture change?

Why is culture many times changing us, (The Church)?

How committed are you to be an agent of change?

How do you react when you encounter people suffering or in need?