Read 1 Corinthians 12:1; 4-11

Go to or and take the spiritual gifts assessment.

1. What have you discovered about your spiritual gifts? Did you already know what they are?

2. Identify your spiritual gift(s) and describe it by using one or two of the bullet points below.

  • How did you recognize your gifts?

  • How does what you’ve learned through the gifts inventory seem to

    fit with your past ministry experiences?

  • Do you feel that these gifts do, or will, bring satisfaction to you?

  • How do you think God might want you to use your gifts in service

    to the Body of Christ, or are you already using them in ministry?

  • Where might you begin to develop your gift(s)?

3. Allow other group members to sensitively ask questions to bring further clarification to what gift(s) you may have.

4. Affirm each person following his/her time of gift-sharing.