Read Isaiah 60:1-22

1. Where in the range of "darkness" (v.2) to "radiance" (v. 5) are you this week?

2. What aspects of Christian life have lost their shine since your salvation? Which have gained new sparkle?

3. What can help you shine more brightly?

4. In this Scripture, God says He shines His light on you so that you can shine it in the world. What areas of your everyday life can you find opportunities to shine light into darkness?

5. Reflect on this truth: "I am a minister with a specific purpose at an opportune time to make an eternal difference." Out of all the times in history, God chose you to live here and now. Who has God placed in your sphere of influence that needs to see His light?

6. You are a minister. Share with the group where you see God developing ministry through you.