1. Read Philippians 3: 12-14

    1. Have you been laid hold of by Christ Jesus?

    2. How do you know? Briefly share your experience.

  2. Read John 15:16: Why is it important that Jesus chose us rather than us choosing him?

  3. The sermon emphasized the importance of learning to preach the gospel to ourselves. How do we do this and how does it help us?

  4. Read Hebrews 12: 1-2: How does fixing our eyes on Jesus our forerunner help us to run the race?

  5. The sermon listed 5 typical practices that produce spiritual weariness:

    1. Insensitivity to our own sin.

    2. Unforgiveness toward others.

    3. Unconfessed complaining.

    4. Hidden disobedience.

    5. Lack of spiritual food and exercise (Bible reading, prayer, church attendance.)

Share with the group what practices you believe cause your own spiritual weariness, and then pray for another for repentance and rejuvenation.