1. Read 2 Kings 5:1-14

2. What do you know about leprosy? (You can always google it)

3. How do you think Naaman's condition affected his life?

4. Why does Naaman take so much money with him?

5. What is significant about the contrast between Naaman's grand arrival and Elisha's quiet, even cool, reception (vv. 9-10)?

6. Why does Naaman become angry (vv. 11-12)?

     a. So that his soldiers won't think he's naive?

     b. Because Elisha's reception was so cool?

     c. Because the healing will require his cooperation?

     d. He wanted a big spectacle?

7. What happens to Naaman that he didn't expect and couldn't foresee?

8. Why are Naaman's servants persuasive in urging him to lighten up and get into the Jordan river (v. 13)?

9. When has their logic been used on you?

10. What condition in your life would you like God to heal you from?

11. Have you asked him? If not, why not?

12. Naaman was asked to dip himself 7 times in the river. He was not healed until the 7th time. Do you feel you are on a journey to your healing? Where are you in this journey? Do you feel like giving up? Do you believe you will see it through?