1. Who is someone you feel is a great example of a world-changer? What is it about this person that inspires you?

2. Read Nehemiah 1:1-11.

In this passage, Nehemiah is heartbroken by the fact that the wall and gates of Jerusalem were destroyed.         

3. What breaks your heart and stirs righteous anger within you?       

4. How has your burden impacted you emotionally and spiritually?         

5. In what ways have you seen God use you and those around you to impact others in a positive way?      

6. What keeps you from taking action on your burden? What do you need to do to remove these barriers?

7. Read Nehemiah 2:1-10.

Nehemiah decides to act on his burden by committing to rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.          

8. What challenges are you facing that you need to take to God in prayer in the way Nehemiah did with his burden?       

9. How is God stirring you to take action on your burden? What’s your next step?          

10. Who are some people you’ll need with you to change the world?           

11. What impact do you think you could make on others if you decided to address your burden and take action?