Read Acts 27:13-26

1. What in verses 13-20 reveals how severe this storm was? Verse 27 indicates this situation lasted two weeks. How would you be feeling by the end of the first week?

2. As a sailor on board, how would you feel about Paul's message in verses 21-26?

3. When have you felt caught in a "northeaster," driven along by the wind? What happened? What did you learn from the situation?

4. In a crisis, Paul reacted with urgent forewarnings, maintaining hope, counseling, common sense, giving thanks, remaining calm, persevering to the end. In comparison, how do you react to crisis?

5. I terms of a weather report, how would you describe your life at present? What is the greatest pressure situation you're facing now?

6. What is your part and what is God's part in the resolution of your storm?

7. What are some of God's promises to you that you know "it will happen"? How do these promises help you to keep up your courage and not lose hope?