1.    Read Matthew 3:13-15.  Why is John so confused?  Describe the difference between Jesus coming as role model and Jesus coming for a role reversal.

2.    Read Matthew 3:16-17.  What does heaven opening and the Holy Spirit coming as a dove communicate?

3.    Read Matthew 4:1.  Describe the significance of the word “then” and the fact that the Spirit was leading Jesus to be tested (right after the Spirit was poured out on Jesus in such a remarkable way).  How do you see this principle of blessing followed by a blitzkrieg assault of the enemy being played out in your journey?

4.    Describe the difference between a Navy Seal mentality and a Disneyland mentality in following Jesus.  Why does it matter?

5.    Pastor Stephen mentioned that the elder brother and the prodigal son are two voices that the enemy uses to drown out the voice of the Father’s love.  Which do you struggle with most and how do you turn up the volume on the Father’s love?