1.    Pastor Stephen gave word pictures of being filled with the Spirit of the green gumby man and a roller coaster ride.  Which best describes you?  Why?

2.    Read Eph. 5:18.  Why do you think Paul contrasts getting drunk (and debauchery) with being filled with the Spirit?  What are the similarities and differences?

3.    Read Acts 7:55-60.  Pastor Stephen (not the one in the Bible) mentioned that being full of the Spirit means that you have visible evidence in your life that the Spirit is present?  Describe what visible evidence you see in Stephen’s life (the one in the Bible) and one piece of visible evidence of the Spirit in your life. 

4.    Read John 16:22 And Eph. 5:18.  Pastor Stephen pointed out that the verb tense (be filled) is present continuous, meaning that it is a command to be filled in an ongoing sense.  Describe the impact of this on your joy.

5.    Read Eph. 5:18 & Col. 3:16.  Notice that in Colossians Paul connects being filled with the Spirit and the Word of God.  How have you seen a connection between the word of God and the Spirit in your life?