1.    Read John 20:11 and Luke 8:1-3.  Celsus, a 2nd century critic of Christianity, said, “How can anyone expect rational men to listen to the testimony of a “hysterical female.”  Discuss why this serves as a piece of historical evidence in favor of the Resurrection.

2.    Do you believe people in the first century were more or less likely to believe in a physical, bodily Resurrection?  Why or why not? 

3.    Read 1 Cor. 15:6.  Discuss the role of the hundreds of eyewitnesses in changing the mindset of those in the first few centuries. 

4.    Read John 20:11-15. Discuss this quote from the Shack, “When all you can see is your pain you can’t see me.  You have been looking at the world through the knothole of your pain.”  How was this true in Mary’s life?  How is this true in your life?

5.    Read John 20:14-18 and John 10:3.  Describe the impact of Jesus calling Mary’s name.  Why do you think this finally helped her see through her pain and begin to see Jesus for who He is?  How can we experience this?