1. According to Sunday's sermon, what is it about the adopted life that makes it a costly life? Do you agree or disagree? Why?

2. According to Sunday's sermon, why was there tension between the Gentile and Jewish Christians in Rome, and how was that preventing them from understanding the gospel message that Paul was entrusting to them?

3. What sort of tensions/dynamics/differences do you perceive in your relationship with others at church that can potentially distract you from living a spirit-filled life? 

4. What is the one difference between the Christian and non-believer? How does our adoption as children of God help us live a victorious life against the flesh? 

5. Divide up into gender specific groups. Share the following: What part of your flesh have you been succumbing to that you know in your heart that the Spirit wants to put to death? After sharing, pray for one another by the laying on of hands, trusting that the Spirit of God flows powerfully from your lips and is able to put to death the misdeeds of the flesh.