Read Isaiah 8:19-22

1. How does Isaiah bring out the contrast between mediums and spiritists and God?

2. What should the people be seeking?

3. What "black-out" will result from their refusal to do so?

4. The nation of Israel was looking for guidance in the wrong places. Where do you look for guidance outside of Jesus?

Read Isaiah 9:1-7

1. Of the names given in verse 6, which fit Jesus as you know him?

2. How is Jesus wonderful?

3. How often to you go to Jesus for counseling? What does that look like?

4. What keeps you from calling out to the Wonderful Counselor at times?

5. How challenging is it to listen to the Wonderful Counselor?

6. Has Jesus ever asked you to do something you did not want to do? What was that experience like?

7. According to 1 Corinthians 1:24, Jesus is the power and the knowledge of God. How can he empower you to do what he asks you to do?