Read John 3:1-16

1. Jesus confronts ever facet of Nicodemus' world (read vs. 1). Why is that significant? What is John trying to communicate?

2. There's a part of us, our flesh, that doesn't like the idea of fully letting go and fully accepting Jesus' message on his terms. There's a part of us that wants Christianity only to the degree that it's safe, where the cost isn't too high, and we still get to maintain some control. What is that for you?

3. Nicodemus attempted to confirm Jesus' Messiahship by seeing if Jesus fits into his religious paradigm. Are there times you try to put Jesus in a box to fit your religious paradigm? Share a story when you found yourself doing that.

4. "Born" in the Greek is in the aorist tense, which gives the verb a quality that is ongoing and repeating with a continuing state of relevance. Why is this important for you to know? How does it change the way you read this passage?

5. Where are you now in your spiritual journey? In light of this, what is God's invitation to you?