*    Randy Pope's Daily Prayer for Walking in the Spirit:  Resolved to consider what I know and to present to you the members of my body as instruments of righteousness.  I present to you my eyes, etc.

1.    Read Romans 6:3,6 & 9.  In each verse Paul exhorts Christians to know.  Describe the role of the mind in walking in the Spirit (and walking in the freedom of the Spirit).

2.    Read Romans 6:3.  If the old self is dead and the old sin nature (i.e. the body of sin) has been rendered powerless, then why don’t we experience more freedom and victory?

3.    Read 1 Cor. 7:23 and Hebrews 8:12.  Discuss what it means for God to not remember your sin and how this impacts your freedom.

4.    Read Romans 6:4.  Discuss the vital elements that help you walk in newness of life.

5.    Read Romans 6:11.  Why does Paul encourage us to consider something we already know (i.e. that we are dead to sin)?  How can considering help you walk in the Spirit?

6.    Read Romans 6:12-14.  How does presenting the instruments of your body (and representing throughout the day) help you walk in the Spirit?