Sermon Discussion Questions:

1.     Read Romans 7:7.  Describe a recent incident where the Bible helped you discern right from wrong.  If you don’t view the Bible this way, then describe why.

2.     Read Romans 7:8-9.  Paul lacked application, not information, when it came to applying the law, “Thou Shalt not covet.”  Discuss an area of your life where you feel like this is true.

3.     Describe one way that you struggle with coveting.

4.     Read 1 Tim. 6:6-7 & Lk. 12:15.  Discuss what it looks like for you to walk in the Spirit in such a way that leads to Godliness with contentment.

5.     Read Romans 7:10-13.  Do you most struggle with being utterly sinful in a righteous or unrighteous way.  Discuss this and also how you overcome it.

6.     Read Mt. 5:17 and Phil. 4:13.  How is Jesus your hope?