1.    Read Romans 7:1,7.  Describe how the law is both good and something that is to be set free from.

2.    Read Romans 7:2-4.  Paul says that before we are filled with the Spirit, we are married to the law.  Once the Spirit enters our lives, the old self dies and we now have a new relationship with the law that he describe as being free from the law.  Why do you think Paul uses the analogy of marriage to describe this relationship with the law?

3.    Discuss this statement, “If your marriage is strong, then you move out into the world in strength; if your marriage is weak, then you move out into the world in weakness.”  (hint:  this has application to both single and married folks).

4.    Read Romans 7:4.  Discuss the connection between walking in the Spirit and bearing fruit FOR GOD.

5.    Read Romans 7:6.  Describe the difference in your life when you are walking in “the new way of the Spirit” versus walking in the old way of being married to the law.