1.     Read Isaiah 26:1-5.  Describe the characteristics of the strong city and the lofty city.

2.     Read Isaiah 26:3.  Have you experienced perfect peace?  Discuss.

3.     Read Dt. 8:18.  Describe the contrast between how someone in the lofty city views wealth and how someone in the strong city views wealth.

4.     Read john 10:9 & Mt. 18:3.  Why do you think Jesus says you must become like a child to enter the strong city of God?

5.     Read Proverbs 11:10.  Discuss why the city would rejoice when the righteous prosper.  How does this impact you?

6.     Read Isaiah 25:6-7.  How do you see Christ in these verses and how do these verses provide hope for you to become an alternate city that is bringing the strong city of God to the lofty city of man?