1.    Read Ephesians 2:11.  Describe the relationship between Jew and Gentile.

2.    Read Eph. 2:12-15.  What do you think was the biggest hurdle for the first century church in Ephesus to overcome in modeling the new humanity in Christ?

3.    What is your biggest obstacle from modeling the new humanity in Christ?

4.    Read Eph. 2:12-15.  How is Christ destroying (right now) dividing walls of hostility in your life?

5.    Read Eph. 2:16-18.  G.K. Chesterton, when asked to write a column on the biggest problem in the world, wrote 7 words: “I am the biggest problem in the world.”  Discuss this sobering, humbling reality of the cross.

6.    Read Eph. 2:16-18.  Hemingway describes a universal human longing to be at peace with our Father through his short story in which 800 Pacos showed up to receive the forgiveness of their father.  Discuss.