1.     Describe your initial reaction to the doctrine of predestination.

2.     Read Eph. 1: 5-8.  Given that God chose to save some and not all, Pastor Stephen mentioned that this creates a problem that the Bible doesn’t definitively answer, regardless of whether you believe in predestination or not.  What is that problem?

3.     Read Eph. 1:5-8 again.  Pastor Stephen mentioned that the doctrine of predestination keep grace intact because it keeps you from losing your faith and boasting.  Discuss why this is the case and how it matters to you.

4.     Some claim it isn’t fair that God chose not to save all.  Respond.

5.     Does the doctrine of predestination deny the existence of free will.  Why or why not?

6.     Read Eph. 1:4-5. Pastor Stephen mentioned that Paul connects predestination and adoption because he is emphasizing grace (not performance) and the costliness of grace.  Discuss these connections between adoption and predestination.