1.    Describe your favorite Easter tradition.

2.    Read John 20:24-27.  What is the significance of the locked door?  Have you experienced Christ pursuing you through locked doors?  Describe.

3.    Read John 20: 27-29.  In verse 27, Jesus encourages Peter to touch him, but in verse 29 he appears to discourage him from touching him.  Is this a double bind?  Why or why not? (hint: think about the distinction between an apostle and believer).

4.    Pastor Stephen mentioned 3 objections that we have to belief in God:

a.     Physical—I can’t touch God, so I can’t believe in God.

b.    Emotional—I can’t feel God, so I can’t believe in God.

c.     Intellectual—I can’t get rid of my doubts, so I can’t believe in God.

Which do you most struggle with and why?

5.    Concerning the emotional objection, Pastor Stephen said that “belief leads to experience.”  Can you give an example of this in your life?

6.    Read John 20: 31.  John tells us that the Scriptures are written that we may have life.  Describe how both the Bible and the Resurrection take you from being locked up in fear to having freedom and bringing life.