1.     Read Ps. 23:3.  If not led on new and right paths, sheep are notorious for overgrazing one particular area and creating ruts on the same trails.  Describe how you see this in your own life.

2.     Read Ps. 23:3.  Picture a mangy, malnourished flock of sheep next to a well fed, watered, and manicured flock.  Discuss the significance of God linking His name with our well being.

3.     Read Ps. 23:3-4.  Discuss why the Good Shepherd leads his sheep into dark valleys.

4.     Ps. 23:3-4 says that he guides us in right paths that lead directly into dark valleys.  Imagine that your dark valley is one that you prayed about for years and then stepped out in faith and ended up leading directly to a terribly painful dark valley.  You asked God whether or not you should take the job (and it didn’t work out).  You prayed hard about getting into the relationship (and it didn’t work out).  Did you choose the wrong path?

5.     Is it possible for a Christian to choose the wrong path?  Discuss.

6.     Read John 10:11.  How does the gospel address the question, “How could a good God lead his sheep into such dark valleys filled with such terrible suffering?”