1. Dr. Modesto provided context for Psalm 51 - David and Bathsheba from 2 Samuel 11-12 (if you're not familiar with the story take time to read through the two chapters with your Bridge Group). We learned that the consequences of David's sin wasn't individualistic. It had a social impact as it affected his victim, those who cared about his victim, David's family, and even the nation of Israel. Based on this biblical truth, how have you seen your/other's sin affect the people around you/them?
  2. David believed he was in the clear after he murdered Uriah. David was blind to his sin and the repercussions of it. He thought he had gotten away with adultery and murder. That was until the prophet Nathan rebuked him and called him out on it. Dr. Modesto posed a question for us: "What am I blind to?" It's important for us to let God bring to light to unexposed sin because unless we know what we're blind to, it'll perpetuate death and murder. Take two minutes to be still and pray to God. Ask him this simple question: "What am I blind to?" and let God bring to light an area of unintentional/intentional sin he wants you to repent of. If you feel comfortable enough, share with your group what God impressed on your heart.
  3. God is faithful and just. He forgives those who repent and confess their sins. We see that in Psalm 51:1-9 in David's cry for mercy. We know that David's repentance was sincere because immediately in Psalm 51:10-12 he cries out for God to create in him a clean heart and restore in him the joy of God's salvation. David is willing to make the necessary changes in his life so that he no longer contributes and participates in a system that oppresses those around him. How does this speak to you and what changes do you sense God is urging you to make?
  4. David did both good and bad with his power and authority as king. In this story he used his power to kill Uriah in an attempt to hide his adulterous act. What is a "power" that you have, based on your social/ethnic/economic makeup, that God can use to be a blessing to those around you?
  5. Go around and share what stuck out to you the most from today's message and BG discussion. Take time going around and praying for the person to your right based on what they shared.