1.     Read Ps. 27:1-4.  Read Ps. 27:4.  David has “one thing” that creates such a spiritual peace and calm in his life that he doesn’t stress or fear things that would cause any normal human to stress about.  Describe how you can get this one thing to reduce stress?  What steps do you need to take to dwell, gaze, and seek God to get it?

2.     Phil. 4:12, 13. Read Ps. 27:4.  David has “one thing,” but yet He is also King of Israel and leads Israel in its Golden Era and, obviously, accomplishes lots of things in his life (as does Paul in planting churches).  Discuss how having “the one thing” that David has impacts ambition and affects your work.

3.     Read Ps. 27:4 & Read John 16:33.  Pastor Stephen mentioned how reducing your priorities (not problems) will reduce your stress.  Discuss how this mindset affects you and name one priority that you believe needs to change to reduce stress.

4.     Read Ps. 27:13 & Ps. 23:6.  Discuss how focusing on God’s goodness (i.e dwelling in God’s goodness) reduces stress.

5.     David can’t help you with your stress, but Jesus can.  How do you see Jesus as the fulfillment of this Psalm in such a way that can reduce your stress?