1.     Read Ps. 46:1. Is this verse true for you right now?  If so, how.  If not, why not.

2.     Read Ps. 46:2-3.  Have you had a time in your life that felt like this verse?  How can it be possible not to fear during times like these?

3.     Read Mt. 10:28.  Discuss how fearing God impacts fearing all else in life.

4.     Read. Mt. 8:26.  Pastor Stephen said the point here is “don’t fear fearful situations; put your little faith in a big God.”  Discuss how you do that.

5.     Read Ps. 46:10.  One translation of this verse could be “let go [of your concerns], and know that I am God.”  Discuss either a concern you need to let go of or how this strikes you.

6.     Did Jesus fear?  How does that affect your fear?