1.     Read Phil. 3: 10-11.  Paul discusses “knowing” the power of the Resurrection.  Describe a recent experience that helped you come to know the power of the Resurrection of Christ.  If you find yourself skeptical about the Resurrection, then state why.

2.     Read Rms. 6: 4,6.  Notice that Paul presents a pattern of death (of the old self who is a slave to sin) to resurrection that leads to a new life and new freedom.  DeathàResurrectionàNew Life (i.e. freedom, joy).  How are you seeing this pattern be worked out in your life?

3.     Read Mt. 28:17, Lk. 24:52, Acts 1:8. Describe how the Resurrection displaced ongoing and pervasive doubt in the disciples.  Describe how the Resurrection displaces your doubts.

4.     Read Ps. 139:13 and 138:8.  How does the Resurrection help you navigate your purpose in life?