1. Read Philippians 4:1. What was the context of this verse? What did Paul mean when he said that those people were "his joy and crown"? Do you have anyone in your life that you see as your joy and crown? 

2. Read Philippians 4:2-3. What was the context of these verses? What was going on  in the church for Paul to have written this? 

3. The West has traditionally been characterized as a Guilt-Innoncence Culture. The East typically is labeled as Honor-Shame. Pastor Danny introduced the concept that the West is becoming more Fame-Shame because we are concerned with our own glory without being in an inter-connected community. Do you see the dangers of this? Why or why not? 

4. There were three keys to killing community: 1. Individualistic Isolation; 2. Comparison/ Competition; 3. Transparency vs. Vulnerability. What were they and which one do struggle with the most and why? 

5. "Jesus was killed that we might have community." How does this reality change the way you approach community? 

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