1. Read Philippians 2:14-18. In what ways do you personally struggle with grumbling or arguing (intellectual debating) with God and others. 

2. Adam struggled with not taking of responsibility (Gen. 3:12), Moses was impatient (Exodus 5:22-23), the nation of Israel grumbled when they were wandering in the wilderness (Numbers 20:2-5). Which one do you relate with and why? 

3. Outward grumblings and arguments are signs of discontentment in life. In what areas of your life are you unsatisfied with and are envious of other people's success? 

4. "We all want access but don't want the responsibility of ownership." How does this statement shape the way you engage relationships, your job and your church? 

5. Read Philippians 2:17. Paul says he is being poured out like a drink offering. In ancient cultures the drink offering was poured over the sacrificial lamb in order for the aromas to rise to God. How does this verse lead you to Jesus and what does it look like for us to be poured like a drink offering like Paul did.