1.    Read Phil. 3:1.  Once again, Paul encourages the Philippians to rejoice in the Lord.   Through the film McFarland, Pastor Stephen contrasted Paul’s dream (that we rejoice in the Lord) with the American Dreams  of rejoicing in approval, safety, and notion that bigger is better.  Which of the American Dreams do you struggle with and why?

2.     Read Phil. 3:2.  Describe the controversy in Phillipi that Paul is dealing with.  How were they putting obstacles in front of people that were preventing the Philippians from becoming Christians?

3.     Describe some obstacles that we construct in our day for people who are considering becoming Christians?

4.     Read Phil. 3:3 & Rms. 2:28-29.  Describe the significance of having a circumcised heart and how Christ circumcises your heart on an ongoing basis?

5.     Read Phil. 3:3 & Rms. 12: 1-2.  Describe one are of your life where you are (or have) successfully worshipped God through service (by His Spirit) and one area that you need to grow in.

6.     How is Christ the fulfillment of this text about circumcision and service/worship?