Read Philippians 2:19-30.

1) G'Joe said that Paul was pointing to certain characteristics of Timothy and Epraphaditus' lives as living examples of what he wanted for the Philippian Church. The first characteristic of being a humble and happy beast was being ferociously about the gospel in their lives with others and warring against competition and comparison. Describe a time when you were ferocious about the gospel in your life. Where do you see comparison and competition in your life? How do you fight it? 

2) The second characteristic of humble and happy beasts was that they were ferociously committed to those who led them and those they were leading in a life-on-life way. Is this life-on-life discipleship a new concept to you? Do you have a Paul (someone who is leading you in all aspects of life)? Do you have a Timothy (someone who is following your lead)? If not, do you see the significance of life-on-life discipleship? What is one step toward having a Paul and/or a Timothy in your life?

3) G'Joe mentioned that part of being a humble and happy beast was warring against comfort and our people or person pleasing. What comforts have the strongest pull on you? Are you a people or a person pleaser? What would it look like to war against those? 

4) G'Joe showed us how Paul not only informed us but also inspired us with real life examples of those who were living that information out. who inspires you to live like a humble and happy beast?