1.     What have you found most helpful and most hindering in your process of spiritual growth?

2.     In Philippians 2, Paul lays out demands (be humble, united—v2-3; work out your salvation—v12), but before the demands he reminds them of who they are in Christ (v1; v5-11).  As Pastor Stephen said, this means that who we are both precedes and leads to what we do.  Discuss how this has played out in your spiritual journey.

3.     Read Phil. 2:12.  The process of spiritual growth requires you to work out your salvation.  If you are a Christian, what is one area that you are seeking to work out your salvation in right now?  If you are not yet a Christian, describe one area you’re seeking to change right now.

4.     Read Phil 2:13.  If God supplies the power for you to will and to act to grow spiritually, then what role do you play?  Discuss.

5.     How is Jesus the fulfillment of this text on spiritual growth?