1.     Describe one reason why you don’t pray.

2.     In the Lord’s Prayer, based on Mt. 6:13 in the KJV, we say, “For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.  Amen.”  How is this a prayer of gospel thanksgiving?

3.     Read Lk. 24:27 & John 5:38.  How do these verses speak to your daily Bible reading and your daily prayers?

4.     Read Eph. 1:18.  How do you enlighten the eyes of your heart to experience the love of Christ?

5.     Read Eph. 3:18.  How do you grasp the love of God so that it is more like tasting honey and less like reading about the sweetness of honey?

6.     Pastor Stephen stated that to grasp the love of God requires us to (1) make a pre-commitment toward gospel thanksgiving, & (2) to practice gospel thanksgiving during insufficiency.  Describe an experience of doing either of these and discuss how it impacted you.