1.     Read Mt. 6: 9-13.  What does it mean for you to pray for the kingdom of God to come?

2.     What are you praying when you pray, “Thy Will be done?”

3.     Read Lk. 11:5-13.  What is daily bread?

4.     Why does Jesus set this parable on prayer at midnight?  How do we live in the midnight hour?

5.     How can we be confident that our midnight friend will come through?

6.     Evaluate your prayer life and describe which best fits you:

a.     sailing (bearing fruit, sensing God’s presence/voice)

b.     rowing (spiritually dry, God’s presence is rare, working hard at prayer/serving/church)

c.      drifting (stop Godward movement of prayer, Bible reading, church, serving), self-indulgent behavior),

d.     sinking (self-pity, numbness/hardness of heart, considering abandoning faith)