1.  Read Luke 8:40-48.  Why is the bleeding woman socially isolated?

2.  Why does Jesus call out the bleeding woman and force her to acknowledge that she touched him?

3.  What is an area that you, like the bleeding woman, feel different than others and, consequently, leads you to isolate socially?

4.  Read Luke 8:49-56.  Notice that both the encounter with Jairus and the bleeding woman hinge on faith (See vs 48,50).  What is faith?

5.  Notice that Jairus has faith in a way that saves his daughter’s life.  Describe how you see this notion of having faith for someone else (or someone else having faith for you!) playing out in your spiritual journey.

5.  In our story, you see Christ touching “unclean” people?  How does this cause you to see and rejoice in the gospel in our story?