1.     Read Lk. 8:22.  Notice that Jesus intentionally sends them into the storm.  What difference does it make for you knowing that Jesus either sends you into the storm or allows the storm to occur in your life?

2.     Read Ps. 23:4.  In our story, Jesus goes with the disciples into the storm, just as Ps. 23 describes. In your own life, describe how Jesus has entered into a particular storm with you and the impact it had on you and the storm.  If you’re not yet a follower of Jesus, then describe what you do when facing storms in life.

3.     Read Lk. 8:23-24.  Describe what the disciples do right and wrong.

4.     Why does Jesus say, “Where is your faith?”  What does he mean?

5.     Read Lk. 8:25.  The purpose of storms in our life is for us to come to know Christ, so that we may answer the question, “Who is this?”  How have storms helped you come to know Christ?

6.     How do you see the gospel in this story?