1.     Read Lk. 8:16 and John 8:12.  Discuss the things that cause you to hide the lamp of Christ underneath the bed of your life?  If you’re not a follower of Jesus, then what is it about Christ and his teaching that you don’t want to implement?

2.     Read Lk. 8:15-18.  Notice that verse 15 says the good soil involves hearing the word of God and then mentions it again in verse 18.  Discuss what you do to listen carefully to the voice of God.

3.     Read Luke 8:15.  The second soil condition that leads to fruit is retaining the word of God.  Describe your spiritual practices that help you retain the word of God.

4.     Read Luke 8:15 and Lk. 8:19-21.  What is so shocking about this confrontation with Jesus and his mother/brothers?  What point is he trying to make? 

5.     Discuss how you’re seeking to work out Jesus’ point into your life and into your family.

6.     How is Jesus the motive and means to obey and produce fruit?