1.  Describe the time in your life that you were most impacted by confession (others or your own). 

2.  Read Ps. 51:3-4; Ps. 139:23.  Confession involves knowing, admitting, and forsaking your sin.  What is the most challenging aspect for you and why?  

3.  How does your community help you know, admit, and forsake your sin?

4.  Read Ps. 32:9.  Describe how this speaks to the demeanor of the way that the world typically confesses.

5.  How is gospel  confession different from worldly confession?



(1) What?

         *Knowing  Ps. 51:3   Pastor—Nathan   Br/DM/Elders/MG  Step 4

                  Ps. 139:23


                  1. God—Ps. 51:4   2.  Those involved—Jms. 5:16  Step 5

                  *Exact & Elim Conditional


         Wasted—loop   Stott (Confess your Sins)  Ps. 139:23-24


         Relapse? Yes

(2) Why?

         *Receive Forgiveness (I John 1:9)

         *Heal our land (2 Chr. 7:14)  Exile   Move from Bama

         *Creates Winsome Humility---Jim Collins   Din

(3)  How?

         *World (Slide)     Motivation (Ps. 32:9)

Power (nic gum, filters, ang mng)

         *Gospel (Slide)

                  M—God (Ps. 51:4) & others (David/Nathan)

                  D—Humility (Paul—chief)  >sinful thought possible

                           *Porn addict

                           -Bold (Eph. 3: 17-19)

                           *Hi, I’m alcoholic & IN CHRIST

                  Power—Step 1

                           -I can’t, you can

                           -Step 1

                           Ps. 51:10—Christ’s heart stained/pierced  Res