Scripture: Philippians 1:1-11

1. In Acts 16, you meet 3 people from the Philippian church that Paul loves so dearly: (1) Lydia—an influential, Asian businesswoman; (2) a Greek, demon-possessed slave girl; and (3) an ex-military, Roman torturer.  How can our church become increasingly like the Philippian church?

2. Read Philippians 1: 1-3.  What keeps you from thanking God, like Paul, everyone time you remember someone? 

3. Read Philippians 1: 4-5.  Paul describes his partnership in the gospel with the Philippians.  What does he mean by gospel partnership?

4. Read Philippians 1:6.  How does this verse speak to our spiritual journey?

5.    Read Philippians 1: 10-11.  How do you see the gospel expressed in these verses?