Prayer at Bridge

You may already be familiar with prayer teams on Sunday during the last three worship songs of the service; prayer options at Bridge are expanding! Individual sessions are available. We are here to pray for you during seasons of hardships and joy. We can assist with freedom regarding patterns of sin or healing regarding painful memories. Below is a description of prayer opportunities at Bridge. Please complete the electronic request above to be connected to Bridge’s prayer director.


What is listening prayer?

Listening prayer is practicing the presence of God and learning to discern how God speaks to you within community to strengthen individual discernment.


What is healing prayer?

 It is a “transformation to a more whole follower, worshipper, lover of God” Rick Richardson Experiencing Healing Prayer.


Types of prayer you may request:

  1. A listening prayer session: whether to address a specific question, discern the next step, or to receive encouragement for yourself. For example, a couple last year was contemplating their next step. They asked their community ask God what their next step was. Through images and words people received, their next step was revealed/affirmed.
  2. Healing prayer: request prayer for physical healing, confession/forgiveness, healing of memories or traumatic events, addressing addiction, discernment/guidance regarding decisions, or encouragement (which gifts or strengths has God given you; is there anything getting in the way of you using such gifts?)
  3. Have a general request that is ongoing or does not require an individual session? Select ‘intercessory prayer team’ and your request will be sent to a group of members who pray for specific requests and for our church/staff/members/vision.


Do you have a desire to learn more about prayer? An immediate opportunity to serve is on the intercessory prayer team. There will also be future training opportunities for those interested in ministering as a member of Sunday prayer teams or listening/healing prayer teams. Please email Erin for more information.