One can learn a lot about people when sitting in traffic reading bumper stickers. We are quick to plaster all over our vehicles the causes we care deeply about, the bands we love, the politicians we back. We all have causes, places, and people that we unashamedly support. Why? 

Because we intrinsically understand that what we believe defines who we are and how we live. 

Easter is a chance for Christians, for those who have experienced and known the grace of Christ, to proudly remember and rehearse what we believe. More than our favorite bands or coffee shops, more than our political leanings or countries of origin, what we believe shapes us and the way we view the world and the people in it. If you are on a journey of discovering what you believe, join us as we explore what it means to believe in Jesus.

We believe that God sent His son Jesus down to earth to help save a people who couldn’t fix the mess that they had made. We believe that Jesus was crucified and killed on behalf of the people who had betrayed him. We believe that after three days He rose again, defeating death and opening up a way for broken people to be brought back to their beautiful God. 

These beliefs change everything, absolutely everything.

This Easter, come join us as we remember, celebrate and proclaim what we believe. 


Good Friday - 6:30pm (Nursery Care Provided) 

EASTER Gathering - 10:30am (Childcare Provided) 

FEASTER - Immediately after Gathering (Easter Egg Hunt) 

*All events are at Hoover High School (4474 El Cajon Blvd.) 

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what is FEASTER? 

For the past three years, Bridge has celebrated Easter together with our friends, family, and neighbors with Feaster, our after service Easter Feast. It is a time for our church to come together and invite our neighbors to rejoice in Jesus together over a meal and fun activities for the kids.

Please take what you would normally spend on an Easter meal at home and donate it to our Feaster Fund, to help bless our church and community this Easter.