What are Bridge Groups? 

We were made for community. We weren't made to walk this life alone. That's why we have Bridge Groups. 

A Bridge Group is an intentional community of men and women (and children) who want to grow spiritually, develop meaningful friendships, and serve the city together. Typically there are anywhere from 6-15 people that meet at least once a week in homes all throughout the city. 

Bridge Groups help make Sunday mornings at Hoover into a family. We pray, we laugh, we dive deep into the Word, and we celebrate and lift each other up in hardships. 

Starting in the Fall of 2015, we will be furthering our culture of life-on-life relationships by having our disciple-making flow out of the relationships you already have within your Bridge Group. Why?  Because in order to develop life-on-life relationships that lead to growth in Jesus, you need to have multiple touch points throughout the week. Therefore, 3-5 men or women will meet outside their weekly Bridge Group in order to foster life-on-life relationships through what we call Disciple-Making Groups. Please read below for more details.





Our Bridge Groups cycle through 3 quarters that are about 11 weeks long. Bridge Groups take the summer off in order for Leaders and Hosts to rejuvenate. Don't worry, we will have plenty of Community Activities this summer.

Sign ups begin September.  

  • Quarter 1 (Fall) - September 13th - December 6th
  • Quarter 2 (Winter) - January 10th - March 20th 
  • Quarter 3 (Spring) - April 3rd - June 12th 


1. Bridge to God - Bridge Groups are designed to help you connect with God. Your spiritual connection with God is our highest priority and our hope is that these communities help in that process. 

2. Bridge to Others - We were meant to live in community. Bridge Groups are safe places for authentic relationships to be formed. 

3. Bridge to the City - Community is created through serving together. We help you serve the city in a meaningful way both on Sundays and throughout the week.  


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Disciple-Making Groups

At Bridge, we are committed to make disciples that make disciples. Starting Fall 2015, we will be creating Disciple-Making (DM) Groups from participants in Bridge Groups.

Disciple-making is simply this - followers of Jesus intentionally forming other followers of Jesus. Followers forming followers, together! That is what Jesus called us to and that is what we want to be about in the world. Disciple-making isn't for super-Christians; it is for every Christian. You were built for it, and it is our hope that this disciple-making process will help you feel empowered to live into God's purpose for your life.

Small groups of three to five people will commit to each other for 9 months from these larger groups. Each disciple-making group will be asked to cultivate their heads, hearts and hands for the glory of Christ.

This means that you will grow in your KNOWLEDGE of Jesus (a head exercise), and as you do, you wil find that your CHARACTER is being transformed by the gospel (a heart exercise). Finally, as your head and heart are being transformed, your hands will naturally follow, meaning that Jesus will ask you to DO things to further His work in the world that will be a natural outflow of who you are in Christ. 

Vision Pathways

Vision Pathways is a community of young professionals throughout San Diego seeking the transformation of our city. VP is made up of recent graduates as well as those into their careers. VP is a Bridge Group committed to the marketplace. They will meet weekly and have a monthly speaker series. In order to foster theological training there will be reading assignments and cost associated with participating. 

If you want to know more of how you might join us, please contact us! 

What they're saying about Bridge Groups... 

Our Bridge Group is one of the highlights in our week. We cry together, laugh together, and share life experiences. By emailing praise and prayer requests throughout the week as encouragement, we are able to experience church beyond just Sundays. Most importantly, we get to demonstrate the love of Jesus to one another which strengthens our walk as Christians.
— Lynn and Stacey